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Jean Wins Wildcard Spot!

May 23, 2006 10:47 AM

Great day!  Great day the righteous marchin'!  Great day!  God's gonna build up Zion's Walls.

Well her electorial winning streak extends to 4.  One special primary in a crowded, crowded field.  One special general election against a tough kos-ite ambulance chaser.  One primary challenge from a slick, slick challenger (who ran a nasty, nasty campaign via unofficial mouthpieces).  And now:

She's the Winner of the Wonkette Catfight Wildcard spot

Way to go, Jean!  Whoever said that without tenure you wouldn't be able to get noticed in the nation's capitol?  Not us! 

Jean will now take on Katherine Harris (R-FL) in the final round.  Voting opens later today over at Wonkette.  So stay tuned!


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