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Keep the votes for votes for Jean pouring in!

May 19, 2006 01:02 PM

Folks, voting is still underway for Wonkette's Congressional Catfight Wildcard spot.  The Wildcard winner will go up against the winner of Katherine Harris v. Nancy Pelosi for the title of Most Cat-tasic Congresswoman.  Me-ow!  As meantioned previously, we can't let this honor pass Jean by.  Here was our comment on this over at Wonkette:   

At NBS, we like to think of ourselves as Wonkette's OH-2 News Bureau. It's a delusion of grandeur, we know.

But we do want to thank you all for showering our Congresswoman, Jean Schmidt, with so much luv and attention. We can personally attest that she is indeed worthy of the Congressional Catfight wildcard spot.

There are a number of reasons why Jean deserves this honor. We believe Wonkette readers are already familiar with the fact that she (1) has an evil twin, (2) was decapitated (via cake knife) by her political opponents, and (3) also made some remarks on the floor of the House that garnered, um, some attention, and a SNL parody. What other House frosh can claim that?

But we would be remiss if we didn't profer some insider info. Namely, she packs. Heat. In her purse.

She revealed this to us at the Hamilton County Lincoln Reagan Dinner just a few months ago. She also showed us her firing range pose.

We know that for Congressional Catfight purposes, evidence of Katty Harris's concealed carry permit was deemed inadmissable. But we respectfully suggest that actual gun-toting is distinguishable, and should be considered by the Court.

Vote for Jean!

We have emailed Wonkette to find out when the polls will close, but as yet, we don't know.  So vote now, vote often.  We have no reason to believe Clermont County voters will get an extra 2 hours, so make sure you get your votes in on time!