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Local Girl Does, Really, Really Well

May 12, 2006 01:09 PM

Recall Curtis Sittenfeld, the Cincinnati native who made a big splash with the debut of her first novel, Prep, a few years ago?  And at a very young age, at that?

Well, recently, the New York Times Book Review's editor, Sam Tanenhaus, sent out a letter to "prominent writers, critics, editors and other literary sages," asking them to weigh-in on the best work of American fiction over the past 25 years.  Curtis got one of those letters.  She's freaking listed along with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Marilynne Robinson and Tom Wolfe.

This puts Curtis in a league of heavy hitters.  We knew Prep was a big deal for Curtis.  But we had no idea she was in that kind of company on the American literary scene.  Way to go Curtis.  We can scarely conceal our jealousy, and are trying hard not to hate you.  Oh, also, NBS went to high school with your sister.  Tell her we said hi.