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May 9, 2006 07:15 AM

Channel 5 (actually gets this morning's prize for news coverage that only tells half the story, if that.  The Big One had an item at 8:30 reporting on a rape last night in the 3700 block of Eastern Avenue.  Which is about 50 feet from NBS's HQ.  So naturally, we were a little curious.  But The Big One offered no more than that blurb, and we weren't even sure they said "3700 block."

A quick check of other local news web outlets (Enquirer, the big three tv stations and 700 WLW's own website), shows that no one else is reporting on the story, except Channel 5, via  And their reporting is pretty half-assed.  No mention of where on Eastern this allegedly occured, and Eastern Avenue is a pretty damn long road.  And, apparently the supposed victim walked 2 miles from her apartment to find a phone.  At 3:00 a.m.  She claimed to have no cell phone, no home phone, and that 3 other units in her building are supposedly empty.  So from News 5, we got some interesting facts (and ones that suggest she might be making it all up), but not the minor detail of WHERE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  It could have been anywhere from downtown to Linwood.

Maybe it's not a major story, but you'd think if you made the decision to cover it in the first place, you'd at least mention where it occured.  Thanks a lot News 5!


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