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Mallory Parties Without Bodyguard

May 22, 2006 05:08 PM

What with all the excitement over the national attention Jean is getting from Wonkette, we totally lost track of a local item about Mayor Mark Mallory (hereinafter 3M): Namely, we saw him partying at McFadden's on Saturday night! We have no idea what he was doing there, but he was all dressed up and standing off to the side, waiting for someone to recognize him.  There was not a bodyguard in sight.  And the place was packed!  Hopefully, he didn't find that scary!

Anyway, like we say, we have no idea what he was doing there, except maybe he just thinks partying with young people is what he is supposed to do, now that he's Mayor.  We have no idea where he could have gotten that idea.  We didn't see him drunk, though.  Or hitting on young girls.


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