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No Deal for NKU Prof

May 12, 2006 09:38 AM

The Cincinnati Post follows up on NKU Prof Sally Jacobsen, who encouraged students to join her in "exercising their free speech rights" to destroy a right-to-life display on campus a few weeks ago.

The students involved are getting community service.  Not so for Professor Jacobsen.  The prosecutor won't give her that deal.  Kudos to the Campbell County attorney for sending a message that needs to be heard.  The professor is due back in Court by May 23 to answer the criminal charges.

Her attorney, Margo Grubbs, "said Jacobsen is currently working on a paper on English author Virginia Wolfe at an undisclosed location, and might not be back by then."

So apparently it is not only Professor Jacobsen, but her attorney who don't understand some basics about the legal system.  Destroying property is not "free speech" (and Prof. Jacobsen is too blind with rage to understand that).  And, her attorney doesn't understand that when a Judge tells you your client needs to be in court to answer criminal charges, she sure as hell needs to be there.  Not at an undisclosed location writting a paper about Virginia Wolfe. 

NBS practices civil, not criminal law.  But it still would never occur to NBS to tell a Judge that a client "may not be back in time," for a necessary court appearance. 

We at NBS won't be happy unless Prof. Jacobsen gets jail time, and actually has to serve at least a night or two of it.  Apparently that is what it will take to help her, and her attorney, better understand the legal system in this country.