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Reader seeks advice...

May 31, 2006 05:06 PM

From time to time, people write NBS asking for advice.  Sometimes, we respond.

Today's answered question pertains to the fruit of the vine.  A reader asks:

I have this tendency of opening a bottle of red wine for a drink, or two.  Or, opening a bottle with a friend, but we don't finish the bottle.  Maybe another glass the next night.  Anyway, my question is, if I put the cork back in it after I open it, how long is a good time frame for the wine to stay half-way decent before going bad?  A few days?  A week?  Longer?  This is a serious question.

Our answer:

Give it a few days and then use it for cooking.  Makes a great marinade.  Or, do as NBS does, and dump it on a bowl of frosted flakes.  Yum!