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The New York Times Does Not Get the Military

May 31, 2006 10:20 AM

Well, they're just wrapping up fleet week in the Big Apple, and the NYT was out in force to capture the true sense of how they view the modern military.  And, while we at NBS have always found implausible the old view of fleet week--that it is entirely a week of drinking, raping and pilaging, and that there is no one in the military capable of moderately sober, consensual fun--we have to say that the NYT's contemporary version is even more implausible...

"Once it was strip clubs and bars and tattoo parlors and girls. And while there still may be some of that, sailors who sauntered around Midtown on Memorial Day gave some surprising answers when asked how they experience New York City in the two or three short days they are here.

They mentioned frozen cappuccinos, and Off Broadway, and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, and architecture — specifically, terra cotta facades."

Yeah.  We don't think this is very likely.  Frozen cappucinos, Off Broadway musicals and Terra freakin' cotta facades?  After spending months at sea in the Persian Gulf?  Who the hell were they talking to?  Extras from a revival of "On the Town"?


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