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The sexy race for Auditor

May 31, 2006 09:36 AM

The Other Paper is out this last week with an article about the two hot babes who are battling it out to be Ohio's next Auditor of State.  And really, what could be more sexy than a willingness to lay it all on the line in a statewide race for Auditor.  Pant, Pant!

Just how hot are the two babes battling it out for Auditor of State?

Well here's a photo of the Republican, Mary Taylor:

And here's a photo of the Democrat, Barbara Sykes (note to the Sykes campaign, get some more photos on the campaign website!)  This one doesn't do her justice. 

Photo: Representative Sykes

All we can say is wow, ladies.  WOW.  This is one campaign where we are really looking forward to the mudslinging.  And, we want the winner to know: either one of you can pour over our books anytime.