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When Ya Git Behind Closed Doors, and Ya Let Yore Hair Hang Down

May 19, 2006 10:09 AM

We love how blogs are letting real reporters let their hair down.  Especially the crazy kids over at the Enquirer.  It's like they're all up in their rooms playing around on the wrong side of the net, and Margaret Buchanan's downstairs cooking dinner, thinking the kids are working on their homework.

Maggie, they have software filters now, you know!  Parents need to control these things.  The last thing we need is some molester targeting Howard Wilkinson. 

But anyway, here's a good example.  We love this header, drafted by Enquirer scribbler Jon Craig:

"Gay Lobby Day Transcript."

That just about says it all, doesn't it?

But the best part is the unflattering photos they run.  Check this one out... It's hard to believe this guy has the views on homosexuality that he does, right?  There's no effort to make Tom Brinkman look like a hillbilly here, is there Jon? 


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