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Blackwell attracted cross-over MINORITY votes in primary

July 27, 2006 04:02 PM

Well, the Hamilton County Republican Party is out with a press release today touting the fact that Blackwell attracted cross-over Democratic votes during the May primary.  That is interesting in and of itself, but we don't know why they are so coy.  It is perfectly clear what they mean: black Democrats crossed party lines to vote for Blackwell in May.  Considering that one of the biggest questions in this years' governor's race is the extent to which black Democrats will turn out for Blackwell, this is big news.  Wonder if anyone will pick up on it?

According to the press release:

Post primary election analysis shows that 2,341 Hamilton County Democrats switched parties and voted Republican on May 2. Conversely, only 823 Republicans crossed over to vote Democrat. The crossover vote was highest in certain areas of Cincinnati. Democrats crossed over to vote Republican by wide margins in Cincinnati's Ward 6 (Downtown): 25-3, Ward 7 (Roselawn and Bond Hill): 81-10, Ward 12 (University Heights and Clifton Heights): 16-2, and Ward 22 (Camp Washington and South Cumminsville): 16-1

For all of you non-Hamilton County folks out there, you need to be aware that Downtown, Roselawn, Bond Hill, University Heights, Clifton Heights and South Cumminsville are ALL black neighborhoods.  And there was uncharacteristically large support for the Republican ticket in those parts of town in May.

What does this say about what will happen in November?