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Literary nerds deserve each other...

July 10, 2006 10:02 PM

We loved this post from Craigslist's "Lost Connections."  It reminded us (sniff, sniff) of our own college days, and the crazed enthusiasm involved in thinking Henry Miller and Anais Nin were actually good writers and not simply sluts.  "It's not porn if it doesn't have pictures!" is basically the rationale. 

But anyway, these two must find each other, ASAP.  One can never be too young to be disappointed. 

I was reading Anais Nin.. You were reading Henry Miller - w4m - 23

Reply to:
Date: 2006-07-07, 10:10PM EDT

I looked up from Little Birds, to catch your eyes on me from over the copy of Tropic of Cancer. I am sure I blushed from the implications of our coincidental literary rendezvous. There was a glint in your eye, a glimmer of mischief, knowing what brought that red to my cheaks. You know all about their sordid affairs, don't you? Knowledge like that could really come in handy. We should spend some time discussing it. Perhaps dinner at a sidewalk cafe? Perhaps a night of it.

I am sure you catch my meaning, my handsome Henry Miller fan.

If you know either of these two poseur lovebirds, email them STAT!