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NBS Watches "Miss Universe"

July 24, 2006 11:43 AM

NBS and Mrs. NBS watched the last hour of the Miss Universe pageant last night on NBC.  Miss Ghana won "Miss Congeniality," which we'd always assumed was the award that went to the nicest, but fatest, girl in the competition.

But this year it went to Miss Ghana, who was not even slightly fat.  But hey.  At least when you see Miss Ghana, you know the reason she is emaciated is not because she has an eating disorder.  It is because she is Miss freakin' Ghana. 

Of course the winner overall was Miss Puerto Rico, which we do not understand.  How is it that Puerto Rico and the United States both get to send in contestants to Miss Universe?  We think someone does not understand their geography.  Donald Trump, most likely.  He was the producer.