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Paris Hilton: Future Right Wing Heroine?

July 13, 2006 09:21 AM

Well this is at the nexis of right wing conservative politics and pop culture... So it is right up our alley here at NBS.  Katherine Jean Lopez, writing in The Corner at National Review Online predicts:

I will continue to (yes, oddly) contend that one day Paris Hilton will prove to be a friend and ally to pro-abstinence, anti-abortion types. My basis for the assumption is currently a weak one, but time will tell.

WTF?  Do wha?  Yes, K-Lo, that IS an odd contention.  It is based on what, precisely?  I mean, don't get us wrong.  We love our conservative causes.  And we love Paris Hilton!  It's just we never really assumed we'd get to love 'em together. 

All of this pertains, of course, to Paris's recent announcement that she is going to give a shot at celibacy for the next year.  Thanks for sharing, Paris!  But K-Lo, it is not like this means a Heritage Foundation fellowship is the next step for Paris!  No.  We tend to agree more with A Socialites Life on this one:

Paris Hilton has recently decided to forego sex for one year, in order to "rediscover" herself.

That seems a bit extreme. How about just keeping pictures of your vagina out of the news for a year? That seems like a daunting enough task.

Indeed.  We need to start our little Paris out with baby steps, K-Lo.  Baby steps.