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Please don't make NBS establish a commenting policy

July 30, 2006 10:36 PM

Well!  We don't know if this means we have arrived in the blogosphere or what.  But it looks like we will have to make at least a warning announcement, and explain that we will not allow ad hominem or abusive comments.  For the record, witty, entertaining and sarcastic remarks are more than welcome here at NBS.  We did that when we made fun of Federated C.E.O. Terry Lundgren, because of published remarks he personally made to the Wall Street Journal.  Apparently those remarks hit a nerve with someone, who decided to pile on, and launch a diatribe against Mr. Lundgren's new wife.  And in a way that was not witty, entertaining, or sarcastic.  So poof.  We have edited/deleted.

NBS reserves the right to edit or delete any comment for any reason.

Confidential to the new Mrs. Lundgren: We suggest you steer clear of persons named "Jenny."  You may also want to ascertain if a previous Mrs. Lundgren was named "Jenny."


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