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"So glad the NYT got my letter..."

July 18, 2006 11:03 AM

When we say that we think Ann Coulter is a bitch, we say that not with derision.  But with admiration.  Check out the email that she sent to the folks over at Memo Pad.  They had written her to ask for response to these comments by a New York Times staffer on last week's corn starch/fake anthrax attack at the NYT: 

"This thing makes all of Ann Coulter's comments a little less funny," said the [staffer]. "I wonder if she considers herself at all responsible when lunatics read her columns and she says that we should be killed."

Ann's emailed response?

"So glad to hear that The New York Times got my letter and that your friend at the Times thinks I'm funny," she wrote back. "Good luck in journalism and please send me your home address so we can stay in touch, too.

"P.S. If we get hit again, don't forget to ask the NYT if they consider themselves responsible since they have repeatedly exposed classified government programs designed to prevent another terrorist attack."


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