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What the heck is going on with the bias at Openers?

July 25, 2006 04:32 PM

Here in Cincinnati, we know people are more liberal up in Cleveland.  We're used to it, and most of the time, we don't really care.  To each his own.  We just attribute it to grumpiness caused by cold weather and the Browns.  And we leave it at that.

But what we don't get is the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  At the Enquirer, they at least pretend to separate their op-ed from their general news coverage.  And, even at the Enquirer's Politics blog, the snark is usually bi-partisan.  But at the Plain Dealer, they don't even bother.  Take the entries at Openers over the past week:

7-25  "Blacks against Blackwell," by Mark Naymik. General Theme: "Ken Blackwell might be black, but there are some black people who don't like him.  Did you know not all black people vote the same way?  And some of them are not voting for Blackwell, even though he's black!"

7-24  "No wedding bell blues, but lots of green," by Stephen Koff. General Theme: "Did you know gay people give lots of money to Democrats?  In fact, lots of gay people don't like Ken Blackwell."

7-24  "Candidates won't file jointly," by Mark Naymik.  General Theme: "Ken Blackwell won't give us copies of his tax returns.  He is secretive.  He does not believe in open government.  He may possibly be rich."

7-24  "Take this poll," by Mark Naymik.  General Theme: "Have you heard Ken Blackwell is not looking good in a recent poll?  We wanted to make sure we mentioned it.  Let's ask an 18 year-old Blackwell volunteer for comment, knowing he will be off-message."

7-21  "Teen lends hand and wallet to Blackwell," by Mark Naymik. General Theme: "Ken Blackwell's youth support is actually a rich kid who lies about how much he is giving, and who is probably using his daddy's money anyway.  We should keep his name on file, and call him for comments later.  He'll probably be off-message."

7-20  "Dems jump on Blackwell," by Mark Naymick. General Theme: "Rahm Emanuel and Chuck Schumer cast aspersions about Ken Blackwell's integrity, let's repeat what they have to say."

7-20  "Strickland in space," by Mark Naymik.  General Theme: "Ted Strickland is hip, uses Myspace, and is "Protestant, straight and a Leo."  Ken Blackwell?  Just straight."

7-19  "Blackwell's lastest message," by Mark Naymik.  General Theme: "Ken Blackwell is race-baiting, and trying to scare blacks away from voting for Ted Strickland, who is not, in fact, "a whitey."  He supports affirmative action!"

That's all in just the past week.  We invite you to review it yourself.  Of all the entries from the past week, there is not one that is even arguably pro-Blackwell.  Not one.  You would think there would be at least a subterfuge of fair coverage!


It's nothing more than the prevailing bias at the Cleveland Plain Brown Wrapper. This corner of the state is still in the death-dgrip of the Democratic Party, because until recently this was a steel town that manufactured things. That meant tons of union members, which leads to Democrat politicians as night leads to day.

Now add in the prevailing liberal bias among journalists and editors, and you've got your recipe for silly histrionics on the Openers blog. Ever since the Cleveland Press folded a few decades back, the PeeDee has been free to push leftist tripe. Without competition, it'll stay that way.

Puddle Pirate   ·  July 27, 2006 01:08 AM

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