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Where the Boys Are...

July 5, 2006 05:46 PM

Blogospheric tongues were wagging this weekend after Kevin Osborne (a paid journalist, formerly of the Post, and now of the lefty local rag CityBeat), posted over at Porkopolis the details of Mayor Mallory's recent vacation (or, perhaps more aptly, "vacaaaay") to Ft. Lauderdale with "a friend."  Apparently a gawking citizen snapped a pic of the Mayor flying out of CVG last weekend for a trip to Ft. Lauderdale.  This pic was forwarded on to Kevin, who wrote a totally uninteresting piece about how the Mayor was ducking out of town for a vacation, and that this necessitated some schedule changes at City Hall. 

And yet, tucked at the back of the column was this paragraph, about the Mayor's destination:

Located about 45 minutes north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is perhaps best known as the locale for the 1960 cult classic film, Where the Boys Are, based on the popular Connie Francis song.

This touched off mild firestorm on the web, as various commentators tried to guess, what exactly, Kevin could be intimating about our confirmed-bachelor/well-dressed, clothes-horse of a Mayor.  And, why Kevin Osborne, in particular, included a reference to "Where the Boys Are."  We suspect that Mayor doesn't particularly care about the comment, but may not necessarily want to see such references in print.  We wonder if that irks Kevin enough to be nasty?  Or is he just trying to be cute?

At any rate, NBS couldn't help but notice when we picked up the print edition of CityBeat during lunch today, that the "Where the Boys Are" paragraph--for some reason--did not make the print edition of CityBeat Porkopolis column.  Maybe an error at the printer?


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