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Enquirer Reports: "No one will get his goats"

August 17, 2006 08:27 AM

Barrett J. Brunsmen and Jane Predergast of the Enquirer get the award for lede of the week, for their latest installment on the goat-boy-ADHD-jumping story:

David Valentine jumped for joy Wednesday - along with his two goats - on a backyard trampoline at his home

Yes, the Valentine family has reached a settlement with the Miami Township trustees in the zoning dispute over whether goats can be kept in subdivisions.  The Valentine family says that the goat jumping on trampoline therapy helps their son's ADHD.

The deal that has been reached allows the Valentines to keep the goats until their son no longer needs them for therapy, graduates from high school, or turns 18.  In other words, it sounds like the Township completely caved to public pressure.  And with images like this, who could blame them? 

So cute/completely weird.  Kudos to the Enquirer's Glenn Hartong for the pics.

Of course it does occur to us that at some point, this kid is going to move past goats.  What will the Miami Township Trustees do then?

UPDATE:  Sweet Jesus, there's video.


Why don't they eat the trampoline?

AKL   ·  August 17, 2006 09:26 PM