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“But then, where Little Red was raised, he never even saw electric lights"

September 8, 2006 07:13 PM

So says Lee Ann Grogan, mother of Bobby Grogan, a 14 year-old from Price Hill.

Don't worry, Little Red is not Bobby's nickname.  She's talking about his stray steer, who escaped from the Harvest Home Parade, and is now on the lamb lam in Mt. Airy Forest.  [For the non-locals, Mt. Airy is an enormous wooded park, surrounded by a very populated area]. 

Yes, this is Cincinnati's second runaway cow in recent memory.  The last one was on the loose for 11 days, dodging the media and the police, who were after her with cameras, helicopters and tranquilizer guns.  The last one garnered world-wide media attention, including live coverage from the Today Show and Good Morning America.

No, NBS does not know why Cincinnati has been blessed in this unique way.  Not one, but two escaped cows!

It remains to be seen if Big Red will have same knack for PR are her compatriot, Bossy/Golda Meir/Cinci Freedom (different people had different names for her).