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Cincinnati Attorneys Asked to Support Marc Dann

September 6, 2006 11:47 AM

Well, well, well.

What to make of the email that was forwarded to NBS today, as well as to a number of other Cincinnati attorneys?  It originated from an attorney whose law firm is hosting a fundraiser for Marc Dann on September 25.  They are looking for other attorney "hosts" for the shindig, and asking for $500 from each attorney who is willing to host.

What kind of attorneys are they looking for? 

People that we're interested in inviting (and are likely to contribute) will either be Democrats or anyone (Democrat or Republican) that is involved with state business (e.g., represents a state university or other entity, is a Worker's Comp attorney, does collection work for the state).

In other words: they are looking for attorneys who hope to profit off of special counsel contracts with the AG's office.

Isn't the issue of pay-to-play special counsel work one of Marc Dann's big issues in the Attorney General race?

Didn't he tell the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that his goal was to bring greater transparency to the bidding of special counsel contracts and sever perceived ties between contributions and legal work?  We believe he did.

How about "severing those perceived ties" by not appearing at your own fundraiser, Marc?