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NBS was not too busy to be amused...

September 21, 2006 10:25 PM

...while he has been preoccupied.  Especially by these items:

Hugo Chavez calling President Bush "the devil" in a speech before the United Nations.  This is not that amusing, when one thinks about all those who don't get it, and the dangers we face.  But it is very amusing when one thinks of how this helps the President and Republicans this fall.  Insulting foreign leaders on U.S. soil does wonders for turning out the base.  NBS hearts Hugo!

The new season of The Amazing Race--the best show on TV.  We can't replicate Television Without Pity's coverage, though at some point we hope to chime in.  Right now, we are rooting for the fairly annoying but cute Kentuckians, and the mother/daughter team from Alabama.  We're not impressed with the disabled woman who complains constantly of disadvantage, and then seeks preferential airline seating.  Oh, and who tells a cab driver "it's an emergency!" and points to her perfectly fine prosthetic leg.

Ann Althouse's headline "There May Come a Time When a Lass Needs a Lawyer" on her post about Ellen Barkin's breakup with Revlon CEO Ron Perelman.  She is actioning off her jewelry (Ellen Barkin, that is, not Ann Althouse).  The Althouse header is, of course, a line from "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend."

This ad, (click on "NBRA Radio ad listen here") being aired by the National Black Republican Association in the Maryland Senate race.  Democrats hate it because it's true!


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