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“Suri’s onesie by Petit Bateau; socks by Baby Dior"

September 7, 2006 10:37 AM

That, apparently, is the fine print on the big Suri Cruise spread in Vanity Fair.  Not much, but it says a lot about these parents and their priorities.

Caryn James in the New York Times has an excellent take down on the whole affair, right down to her analysis of how these parents have difficulty separating celebrity from reality:

[I]f you announce your romance on “Oprah” and your engagement at an international news conference, you can’t complain about press coverage later; that is the compact Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes implicitly made with the public. Yet now they’re actually complaining.

But who asked anyone to pry other than Suri’s own parents, he laughing maniacally and she giggling endlessly before the cameras? No one really thought Suri was imaginary or some creature from another planet. The press was simply expecting what the Cruise-Holmes publicity machine had conditioned them for: more displays of a family life that only the Cruise camp can possibly see as normal.

She describes the Annie Leibovitz cover shot thusly:

Both parents have their eyes down, gazing at Suri, who stares directly at the camera; it’s a photograph that says, “Look, it’s not about us, it’s about her.”

But of course it is entirely about them, with Suri as their beautiful little prop.

A pretty apt description, yes? 


Isn't it sad what many of these Hollywood folks will do for a little PR? Too bad good ol' Tom's PR campaigns backfired. Didn't I read that Paramount Pictures is cancelling his contract?

English teacher   ·  September 7, 2006 01:54 PM