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Negativity about the 'Nati

October 19, 2006 12:15 PM

It's hard to beat Rick Hines over at The Cincinnati Nation when it comes to negativity about the city, as has been aptly noted by other bloggers before.  Basically, Rick aspires to write an internet daily that reports on local news.  In reality, he just links to news from other sources, and he writes a new, negative headline for the article that makes Cincinnati looks bad.  As an economic model, were not really sure how he gets this to work, but hey, he does have Judge Painter running political ads. 

His latest headline, though, takes the negativity to a whole new level.  Writing about the wannabe terror attacks at NFL games this Sunday, Rick headlines,

 N E W S    H E A D L I N E S
Cincinnati so unimportant it can't even get on stadium terror alert

Yes, it's basically "We suck so much we're not even worth nuking."  Thanks for explaining it all to us, Rick.

UPDATE:  Rick has now re-written the headline.  Is the new one any less asinine?

Cincinnati couldn't even
get on fake terror list
get on fake terror list



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