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Election Eve in OH-2

November 7, 2006 10:14 AM

NBS spoke to Jean Schmidt at a rally at her campaign headquarters last night.  She seemed confident and focused on her own race.  The crowd shared some victory cake, and we cracked a few jokes about the icing (which would turn the tongue blue).  We were envisioning Victoria Wulsin turning it into an attack ad: "Jean Schmidt's nuclear waste dump will turn your tongue blue.  You deserve better!"

It would be about as truthful as the nuclear waste dump radio spots that Wulsin is running right now.

We are more confident about Jean's chances than we are about any of the other close, local Congressional races.  She's conservative, and so's the district.  Her opponent is very liberal.  Steve Chabot in OH-01 and Geoff Davis in Kentucky-04 are not nearly so lucky.  Their districts are far less conservative, and they both drew Democratic opponents who are running as conservatives (and hoping voters are gullible enough to believe that they actually are).  Jean should cruise to re-election, and will hold the seat for as long as she wants it.