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Fly Him to the Moon

November 2, 2006 02:41 PM

We thought it quite amusing when we heard this little clip on CNN.  Here's Wolf Blitzer, talking about John Kerry's decision to suddenly cancel an appearance on The Situation Room yesterday afternoon...

And by the way, you may have seen our promotion of an interview with Senator Kerry for THE SITUATION ROOM this afternoon. Senator Kerry's office had confirmed that the senator would be joining us today. This morning, a spokeswoman from Senator Kerry's office, however, told us that Senator Kerry had wanted to join us but I'm quoting now, "he is on a plane all day and would be unavailable."

"On a plane all day?"  How could that be, we thought at the time.  Where would he be flying to that takes all day?  It is only a few hours to fly from coast to coast.  Perhaps, we thought, some of his fellow Democrats have finally sent him off to some isolated place, where there are no microphones, recording devices, or telephones?  Perhaps they have finally found a way to get him to shut up?

And then we saw this, in the Daily Mail:


This stunning image of a BMI Airbus flying past the moon was captured on Wednesday night.

Yes, the Democrats have finally figured out what to do with John Kerry. 

We sure hope he's back by '08.


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