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Over at the Cincinnati Black Blog...

November 21, 2006 12:58 PM

...Nate Livingston really, really doesn't like Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz.  His topic (supposedly) is Leslie's recent article in Cincinnati Gentlemen, in which she takes on Mayor Mallory's inexplicable lack of interest in getting things done.

But Nate's argument kind of goes off the rails:

Oh brother! Ghizzy is one of those people who feels like she has to build herself up to tear other people down. SHE is honest. In fact, she is sooooo honest that it's her worst quality. She simply cannot tell a lie. Bitch, please!!! Ghizzy voted to instruct the City Manager to put 1.5% of the budget (about $4.5 Million) into social services. He didn't do it. Ghizzy hasn't done anything to make sure that money gets put back into the budget. She lied to the 300+ people who attended the meeting wherein she cast that vote. (Ghizzy and others want to be able to say we voted to make social services a budget priority, blame the City Manager for not doing what we said.) And Ghizzy talked a lot of shit about the marijuana ordinance, then turned around and voted for it. Ghizzy criticized the Roger Owensby, Jr. settlement, then voted for it. Ghizzy has said she won't vote to pass a budget that doesn't include $6 Million for a new jail. We shall see. The point: Ghizzy isn't as honest as she pretends to be.

Well!  We're going to have to think about using "Bitch, please" the next time we formulate an argument.  There's more of the same over at his blog, if you're interested.

As for NBS, our take on Leslie's recent criticisms of the Mayor can be summarized in one sentence:

Thank God she's finally criticizing a Democrat, and not undermining her own party.  For once.

Okay, so it's two sentences.