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Trashing Huntington Bank...

November 10, 2006 03:05 PM

...just because I can.  What the hell is a blog good for, anyway?

I have been ordered to change my password.  All I want to do is check my account balance.  But no, Huntington won't let me do that until I change my password.

First, is there anything worse than being ordered to change your password?  I have passwords for (1) cell phone; (2) work phone; (3) home security system; (4) checking account, online; (5) checking account, ATMs (it's the same damn account!), (5) retirement account; (6) email account; (7) blog access; (8) Lexis-Nexus; (9) the federal court docket; (10) the Ohio Bar Association; (11) computer login from inside the firm; (12) computer login from outside the firm; (13) firm security system, (14) health insurance and (15) a MasterCard account.

So the answer's no, I do not want to change any password.  Ever.  But Huntington make you change them periodically, just because they have flaws in their security system.  Most banks do this, and my stupid workplace computer makes me do it monthly.  Surely I am not the only person who resents this misuse of my time and brain cells?

So just having to change a password to begin with is bad enough.  But Huntington doesn't stop there.  They have to make it as confusing and time consuming as possible.  Here are their instructions:

  • Leaving the user id field empty will reuse your current user id. When changing your user id, you must also enter a password.
  • Changes made to your password will take effect immediately and once submitted cannot be canceled.
  • User id must be between 7 and 12 alphanumeric characters (0-9, A-Z) in length.
  • Password must be between 6 and 8 alphanumeric characters (0-9, A-Z) in length.
  • Choose a password that is difficult to guess. To ensure maximum security, never share the password with others.
  • Your user id cannot be the same as your social security number.
  • Your user id cannot be some portion of your password.
  • Your user id must be alphanumeric (Aa-Zz and 0-1).
  • Your password cannot be any part of your social security number.
  • Your password cannot be some portion of your web user id.
  • Your user id and password must be alphanumeric (Aa-Zz and 0-1).

What moron wrote those instructions?  Who can read that?  Who has the time?  Did it occur to them to run these instructions by consumers attached to blood pressure machines? 

Huntington Bank: I do not want to change my f-ing password.  I just want to know my damn account balance.  

UPDATE: And one more thing: Don't you dare try to tell me this is all for my own protection.