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Turkey Timer Pops on Wulsin v. Schmidt

November 21, 2006 11:43 PM

Well the Associated Press has finally called the results of the election here in OH-02.  Jean Schmidt has won, despite her opponent's refusal to concede.  Yes, Victoria Wulsin has insisted since election day that she will not concede until all the votes are counted, including the provisional votes.  Typically, these are the votes cast when someone fails to show up at the poll with proper ID, or when someone shows up at the wrong poll. 

So the county boards of election are now counting the provisional ballots, using a painstaking process to try to figure out which of the provisional ballots were actually cast legally.  Thus far, the results show that Jean Schmidt's lead is increasing--enough so that the AP has finally called the election.

And yet, Wulsin refuses to concede.  Every vote must be counted, she says.  And she's right, every vote should be counted.  But when the results clearly show that you will not win, the classy thing to do is to call your opponent, congratulate them on a well-fought campaign, and then concede.  You don't have to be sincere when you call your opponent to congratulate them.  But you do have to fake it.  And, you have to be charitable in public and with the press, for at least a week or so.  It's what Americans do when they lose elections.

So Dr. Wulsin, I suggest you heed this advice:  It has reached the point where you are seriously jeopardizing your reputation as a less-than-nutty Democrat.*  And you're not doing the electoral process much good, either.  It is time to do the right thing.  Give Jean a call.  Issue a statement.  And be done with it.

*I have spoken to many people who know her, who think she's quite nutty.  That's not her reputation with the public, though.