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Very good turn out stats in Ohio...

November 7, 2006 07:11 PM

...seem to bode well for Republicans.  Viking Spirit has the goods:

I was listening to Sean Hannity about twenty minutes ago, and he had Bill Cunningham call in with an Ohio update. Cunningham said he has a source in the Secretary of State's office that said turnout in Cuyahoga County is less than 20%, while turnout in rural counties is 80%.

If Cunningham's correct...this could put Blackwell and DeWine over the top.

UPDATE: A source at the RNC tells me that turnout in inner-city Columbus is lagging behind suburban turnout.

UPDATE 2: I just talked to a source on the ground in Southwest Ohio, and his precinct has turned out 1300 out of 1800 voters so far (72%). If that figure is reflective of the rest of Southwest Ohio (based on my experience today, I believe that to be true), it's going to really help Republicans.

UPDATE 3: I've talked to some more sources on the ground, and I'm hearing that turnout in Warren and Clermont counties is at least 65%.

UPDATE 4: I received an email saying that WEWS news in Cleveland reported that turnout in Cuyahoga County was 13% as of 2 P.M.

As one of the Viking Spirit commenters notes, Bill Cunningham is probably exaggerating.  But the rest of the stats still sound good to us.

ALSO: We note that in actual results that are now running on local tv, Republican incumbent Geoff Davis has taken an early lead in KY-04.


You were WRONG weren't you loser? Yes, you lost and you are a loser.

Rich Brockelmann   ·  November 12, 2006 07:14 PM