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Vote counting began in Ohio yesterday...

November 7, 2006 04:28 PM least as far as the absentee ballots are concerned.  They were scanned in, and the results kept secret.  The Butler County Board of Elections came up with an interesting plan,

After scanning nearly 15,000 absentee ballots Monday night, Board of Elections officials issued a new password to the computer server. Republicans made up the first half of the password and Democrats created the rest.

The password will ensure that no one sees the results before the polls close, said Betty McGary, the board’s deputy director.

“Even I could not preview those results if I wanted to,” McGary said. “When we upload (the results) and push them out on the Web site after the polls close, the public will actually view those results at the same time we do.”

Seems fair.  But we still don't understand why they needed to start counting them early in the first place.  Who cares if it takes a long time tonight?  That's part of the process.