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Winton Place no more?

November 15, 2006 11:06 PM

Well this is something that truly makes the heart sad.  CityBeat reports of the efforts underway to drop Winton Place as one of Cincinnati's official 52 neighborhoods, and rename it "Spring Grove Village."

Appalling and sad.  Especially because Republican Chris Monzel is leading the effort.  Chris, you are officially on the NBS shit list.

NBS's own grandmother grew up in Winton Place, and is always ready with a great story about growing up there.  It always seemed like a charmed existence, growing up with 10 brothers and sisters (yes, they were Protestants!  Episcopalians, even!) in a nice neighborhood, where everyone knew and watched out for each other.  And yes, she walked all the way to Hughes High School, which was the closest [for non-local readers, Hughes definitely is not within what would normally be described as walking distance of Winton Place].  Winton Place was, and is, a great neighborhood.

Now there's some much crime in Winton Terrace (which is a housing project) that some folks want to change the name of Winton Place for PR purposes.  And name it after a cemetery, no less.  What the hell?  Why not rename the housing project?  It was named after the neighborhood.

But no.  That would make too much sense.  According to Chris Monzel,

"For us we're trying to establish an identity," Monzel says. "This has more to do with marketing who we are and trying to build on that history that we have. When people ask me where I live and I say Winton Place, they say, 'Where is that?' I say, 'Next to Spring Grove Cemetery.' Everybody knows where Spring Grove Cemetery is."

How depressing, short-sighted and inane!  Abandon your history for marketing purposes?  And dropping a delightful neighborhood name like "Winton Place" for the clunky "Spring Grove Village."  Disgusting!  Shame on you, Chris Monzel!


At least rename it "wooden shoe hollow", that's what the greenhouse district was called.

ollie   ·  November 16, 2006 02:45 PM

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