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Breaking: Westsiders are lazy!

December 5, 2006 05:21 PM

So says Rick Hines at the Cincinnati Nation.  We have posted on Rick and his website before.  The premise of his site is to take news stories written by real news sources, slap a different headline on it, link to it, and then claim that you are "Cincinnati's Daily Newspaper on the Internet."  If it's possible to put a radical left-wing slant on the article, then he goes right ahead and does that too.

Sometimes the sheer audacity of this business model makes us laugh.  Sometimes it's unabashed, sterotypical liberalism.  Check out the head and sub-head he gives to a Business Courier article about a woman who is fighting to stop the construction of a condo tower on the westside. 

Westsider working hard to stop
economic progress in Cincinnati

The only time people on the westside really, really work hard is when they want to fight progress.

No conservative could ever get away with the patronizing and snotty remarks that the left can!


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