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Every Cincinnatian Will Love...

December 10, 2006 12:11 AM

...this New York Times article "Yes, You Can Surf in Cleveland, Before the Brown Water Freezes."  They report:

To reach the lake, surfers drag their boards across snowdrifts and beaches littered with used condoms and syringes, Mr. Ditzenberger said. The most popular surf spot is Edgewater State Park. It is nicknamed Sewer Pipe because, after heavy rains, a nearby water treatment plant regularly discharges untreated waste into Lake Erie.

Ha!  Democrats!*  The article continues:

“Surfing Lake Erie is basically disgusting,” said Bill Weeber, known as Mongo, 44.

Again.  Ha!  Democrats!*

 *For those who aren't in the know, Cleveland's liberal Democratic politics drag down the rest of the state.  So we here in the 'Nati are not too sympathetic when we learn they have to surf in poo.