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Gerald Ford has died...

December 27, 2006 12:14 AM

...but the big question for me is, how will the media react to this?  I think they will be inclined to try to turn it into a Big Deal, because of the way the public reacted to Ronald Reagan's death a few years ago.  They'll feel like they have to give Gerald Ford equal time.  And, they'll be doing it as a back-handed jab at Reagan, who they never really liked.  See, they will say.  Every ex-President's death is a big deal.

But I think they'll find that it's not.  With all respect to Gerald Ford--who was certainly a nice man--Reagan was in a different league.

Relatedly, a bit of NBS trivia:

Q: What was NBS's earliest political memory? 

A:  It was campaigning for Ronald Reagan, by licking stamps and stuffing envelopes in my parents' living room.  This was not in 1984, when Reagan was running for re-election.  Or in 1980, when Reagan secured the Republican nomination, and beat Jimmy Carter.

No, this was in 1976, when Reagan challenged the incumbent--Gerald Ford--for the Republican nomination.  I was 3.  Ford won the nomination, then lost to Carter.  And then, I remember sitting in a hot station wagon, waiting in line for gas.


I think you've got it exactly right; the huge popular response to Reagan's death and funeral really caught the media unprepared, and it rankled. So they will want to be able to say that it wasn't anything particular about Reagan, it's just that he was a President, and that explains the endless crowds and lines to view the body.

Actually, I'm glad that the next president to die wasn't Jimmy Carter. I just KNOW that the crowds would have been smaller and less emotional, and the media would have sniped that it was just mean-spirited conservatives who make a big deal out of the funeral of one of THEIRS, but ignore a Democrat. This should at least show that the difference in response was due to the MAN, not to the party.

Dr. Mabuse   ·  December 27, 2006 10:21 AM

My first political memory was helping my grandmother cut out and sew elephants on a tablecloth for some Barry Goldwater event. And I got to meet him too. I must have been about 3 or 4 at the time.

Jordana   ·  December 29, 2006 07:48 PM

Jordana, I always knew you were good people.

Is that a Southern phrase or what? I've never known exactly where it came from, but it certainly must be regional, because it makes no sense.

Anyway, Jordana, you remember these things because elephants never forget. Ne Oublie! Google the phrase, for those who don't understand--it will give you a small clue as to the true NBS identity.

NBS   ·  December 29, 2006 10:48 PM

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