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Tammy Bruce, "who by the way...

December 19, 2006 09:33 AM a lesbian" (to quote John Kerry talking about Mary Cheney), has this to say about the Episcopal crack up:

I have to tell you, being gay myself I am not someone who advocates forcing individuals or groups to adhere to a point of view they disagree with. Homosexuals *should be* a group that supports the rights of others to believe as they wish, even (especially) when that belief does not correspond with our own. After all, that's what the gay community has asked of everyone else--accept us even though who we are contradicts your POV.

So, I think the churches which have split off have every right, and even a responsibility, to do so if they believe their diocese no longer represents their view of the faith. It's a completely legitimate action.

And leaving a church, or splitting off, over the gay issue, is a matter of faith and certainly should not be some sort of clarion call indicative of so-called homophobia. Personally I have found people of faith, who diametrically oppose my homosexuality, to be much more tolerant of me than what I term the Gay Gestapo--the Far Left Gay Elite who seek to punish anyone who does not conform to the leftist POV.

Indeed.  Tammy is a great person to turn to for clear headed thinking.

UPDATE:  I should clarify that Tammy Bruce is not Episcopalian, and is just viewing this from the outside--which is why she is under the impression that the Episcopal crack-up is "over the gay issue."  That certainly is the impression the media gives, and it is incorrect.  The Episcopal crack-up has been caused by the radical left-wing hijacking of the church, which has snowballed over the past 30+ years to the point where it has caused an unstoppable avalanche.