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There's all kinds of laws in Ohio about dogs, but a bear can attack or even eat you and nothing is done about it."

December 26, 2006 03:55 PM

After the Symmes Township boa constrictor attack of a few weeks ago, and a recent pet bear-on-innocent-neighbor mauling, an incoming legislator is seeking a crack-down.  He wants new regulations on exotic animal ownership.  He wants to mandate perimeter fencing, annual inspections, and posted warning signs.

Sounds reasonable to us.  Why do people own exotic animals anyway?  Freaks! 

The regulations would apply to bears, as well as "lions, tigers, cougars, certain venomous species of snakes and other snakes, including boa constrictors and pythons, that potentially could exceed 8 feet."

But what do you do if the law passes, and your neighbor builds a fence and posts signs that say he's raising boa constrictors?  Wouldn't ignorance be bliss?


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