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Conservative Commentator Tammy Bruce...

January 30, 2007 01:27 PM

...on the topic of Barbaro:

I grew up in a home where horse racing and betting were part of the experience. My Uncle Jack was a bookie, and my Uncle Ed was always betting on the horses. He would have office pools for the horse races and I was always good at picking winners. At a very young age, he started taking me to Hollywood Park and Santa Anita tracks. I enjoyed the sport a great deal, loved how beautiful the horses were, and was told over and over again, the horses love to run like that, they love to run together.

Through the years, though, you would see horrific accidents, legs breaking, horses dropping. I was loathe to admit that's because of the unnatural pressure, the unnatural training, and the push to drive the horses literally to their limit.

No, that does not happen in nature. This is not how horses run normally. I'm sorry to say this, but and even sorrier that it took the death of a favorite horse of mine to finally come to this conclusion, but now I will be officially against horse racing. While I have enjoyed it, and it's very exciting, the price for the horses is just too high.

She has more, here.


I can only hope that more and more people grow to have the same feelings about this disgusting "sport" called horse racing.

English teacher   ·  January 30, 2007 02:04 PM