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The Chief wants...

January 1, 2007 11:31 PM

...better pay for federal judges.  Currently, district court judges (an, ahem... entry level position) are paid $165,200, appeals court judges make $175,100, the Supremes make $203,000 each, and the Chief pulls down $212,100.  Complaining about this annually is part of the Chief's job (it's why he's paid more).  Rehnquist used to do this every year.

And yes, the salaries don't sound too bad, but the Chief's right.  With college tuition that can easily be 40K per year, and new federal judges being right about the age where they'll have to pay for their kids to go, their salary is too low.  They can't educated their own kids based on their current salary, much less pay for fun stuff like country club memberships.

So join us in shedding a tear for for the poor, underprivileged federal judges and their families.