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Animal Rights Group Says Baby Polar Bear Must Die

March 20, 2007 02:15 PM

Meet Knut:

Yes, he's a real live baby polar bear, even though he looks stuffed.  He was born three months ago in the Berlin Zoo.  His mother rejected him, and the zoo keepers have been feeding him by hand.

At three months old, however, the playful 19lb bundle of fur is at the centre of an impassioned debate over whether he should live or die.

Animal rights activists argue that he should be given a lethal injection rather than brought up suffering the humiliation of being treated as a domestic pet.

"The zoo must kill the bear," said spokesman Frank Albrecht. "Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws."

Yes, you read that right.  The animal rights activists say that to save Knut, he must be killed.  This way, he won't be "humiliated."  It makes perfect sense!


We'll see if Knut's so cuddley when he grows up. Volunteers?

Anonymous   ·  March 20, 2007 04:58 PM