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Come on in, don't mind the blood

March 24, 2007 03:17 PM

So in addition to everything else going on, Chez NBS (formerly known as "Alco Hall," which was the name my friends gave it back in my single days) is on the market FSBO.  So each weekend is spent running around dusting, cleaning, etc., for the hordes of people to traipse through.  This weekend we didn't even bother.  Henry, our black lab and associate editor, spent the night at the vet on Thursday to have some sort of lump removed--they still don't know what, it's off at pathology.  They only know there was a foreign body lodged in his shoulder... but there's no entrance wound, so it's a big Crime Scene: NBS/Unsolved Mystery.  The vet was good, but a little unsure of my sense of humor ("maybe it's his unborn twin!!!", etc. etc).  We'll keep you posted on the pathology results.

In the meantime, Henry was returned to us in an E Collar with his side shaved, hideous stitches and--get this--a drain.  For bloody fluid!  It looks like a big piece of rigatoni hanging off his side.  It's caked with blood and dripping blood.  All over the house.  So we've got all the rugs rolled up, and there are drops everywhere.  If we had wall-to-wall carpet, we'd be screwed.  I slept on the couch last night next to the dog bed, so Henry wouldn't be tempted to climb up on the real bed, which we were unsure he could do anyway.  Of course I woke up around 3:00 and where was Henry?  Sound asleep on our bed, bleeding on the dry clean only bedspread.  Mrs. NBS was off at the hospital, so of course she got to come home to this chaos after having been up all night, and then the phone rang: "We'd love to see the house... is this morning okay?" 

Well sure, why not.  The lady and her agent were very nice, but it was probably the most chaotic household they'd been through.  The only good thing is the E collar keeps Henry from pressing his nose up against the glass on the front door, so we don't have to keep windexing it.


love the pasta linkage

Anonymous   ·  March 24, 2007 11:54 PM

Gross! And hilarious.

Jackie Danicki   ·  March 25, 2007 06:07 PM

Yes, what a fun post, Michael.

Anonymous   ·  March 25, 2007 08:10 PM

Icky. I was so glad our house sold quickly, so that we didn't have to keep showing it. On the other hand, if it were still on the market, we wouldn't be planning to be homeless in about 3 weeks.

But some day we'll have a place to live a we can have a big reunion in the back yard of all the college friends that I actually want to see again.

Jordana   ·  March 26, 2007 02:39 PM