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This Week, In Up Against the Wall

March 20, 2007 11:13 PM

We have another wedding announcement from The New York Times.  Who would have thought we'd top the "Quest for the Holy Gayle" of a Marriage Proposal from a few weeks ago.  But we have!

Meet Rona Shalev and David Kraut.  Rona has a PhD in school clinical psychology from Yeshiva, and her mom started a kosher dessert catering business.  David is an attorney at Debevoise & Plimpton in New York, the son of a nephrologist, and a big fan of "24."

Too big of a fan.  But we'll get to than in a minute.  For his proposal:

“I wanted to do something interesting and fun, but I didn’t want a public spectacle like proposing in Yankee Stadium,” he said.

No.  That would be stupid! 

Furthermore, he wanted to use a song he had written about her, so he decided to assemble a slide show of photographs taken at various junctures of their relationship and incorporate it into that. In the project, he sang the song and accompanied himself on the piano.

Can you imagine how awful that song must have been?

But it was not the only music. “We both enjoy the show ‘24,’ ” he said. “So I spoofed the format of the program and played the show’s theme music in the background.”

Wait, I thought he was singing?

He took her to his apartment, explaining that he had to dress for a dinner they had planned with his parents and that while she waited, she could watch an episode of “24” that she had missed.

“He kept insisting that I had to watch it,” she said. “Even when I saw the dates that it took place — Feb. 7, 2005, to April 22, 2006, which reflected the time we met to the time I was sitting there on the couch instead of the usual times listed on the show — I didn’t realize that it was not a real episode. Then it cut to a scene at his office and I thought, ‘That looks like David’s office,’ but nothing hit me. Then I saw picture of the restaurant where we went on our first date and it hit me.”

Rona works with sloooooow leaaaarrrnneeeeerrrrrrrrs.

At the end, the screen went black and an announcement came on, saying, “Report to the situation room.”

He calls his bedroom "the situation room"???

Mr. Kraut, who was waiting in his bedroom, got down on one knee and proposed. After [ed. after!!!] proclaiming that she was nervous, sweaty and nauseated, she accepted and they went to a restaurant where his parents, and hers, were waiting.

Well, I can understand the "nauseated" part.


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