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From the Anglican/Episcopal Rumor Mill...

April 30, 2007 10:06 AM

...we get this report from Gawker:

We hear that former New Jersey gov Jim McGreevey has a new career planned—and that he'll enter the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan next year. (We know—this is the second-craziest rumor we've heard this week! Please tell us we're wrong?) A religious-type person says that the Episcopal Diocese of Newark will sponsor his training for the priesthood. McGreevey, a former altar boy and a graduate of the Catholic University of America, broke with the Catholic church circa 2005; his daughter is being raised a Catholic.

Do I find this rumor credible?  Sadly, yes.  It would be very typical of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark to take on Governor McGreevey as a seminarian.  He's just their type.


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