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Update on Assistant Deputy Editor Henry

April 13, 2007 11:06 PM

As loyal NBS readers know, Assistant Deputy Editor Henry had surgery recently to remove an unidentified lump.  This aftermath of this was very, very messy.

But the good news is, he is all better now, though we don't have a substantive update.  We still don't know what the unidentified lump actually was.  The vet says it was a seroma, which was caused by a trauma to his shoulder.  This caused a growth, and an unexpected fluid build up. 

But the trauma could have been years ago.  And, Henry has only been on the job here at NBS since October, when we got him from Lab Rescue.  He's had no major wounds since then, so we're pretty confident the original trauma occurred while he was on the lam.  We will probably never know what the original trauma was.  Hit by a car?  Beaten by former owners?  Fell down the stairs while stoned out of his gourd?  Who knows!

But the important thing is, Henry is fine. 


When he went in to get the stitches out, however, Henry did get diagnosed with a yeast infection in his ears.  Even though we (actually I) have to clean them weekly with these stridex pad like things (total teen flashbacks!) his ears still got gunky.  Now he gets fluid cleaner in his ear, and a topic antibiotic.

He hates us for that.  But what can you do, but the best you can?  When God gives you a yeast infection, bake bread.  At least it is not another seroma dripping all over the house.

ALSO: Lab Rescue of Cincinnati has now been added to the NBS blogroll.  If you have thought about adopting a non-punt-able sized dog, please do check them out


"When God gives you a yeast infection, bake bread."

ok, that's nasty

Misplaced   ·  April 16, 2007 02:27 PM

Hobbes, our canine burglar alarm, got a yeast infection on his belly last year as part of a very bad allergy to fleas. We had to use those Stridex pads and steroid pills and a bunch of other things. Blech.

Jordana   ·  April 16, 2007 09:40 PM

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