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Charming Pre-Mother's Day Blog Comment...

May 3, 2007 03:46 PM

...attached to a post in which the author is complaining about migraines and other problems of modern life.

It's me, your mother, and I just read in a book about herbs that feverfew leaves are one way to deal with migraines. You are supposed to eat a couple of these (VERY BITTER)leaves several times a day, between two slices of bread. Believe me, feverfew leaves are wrenchingly bitter, as I found out yesterday when (in the dark of a tropical night) I went to my garden for parsley and accidently cut a bunch of feverfew. Just a thought. It's supposed to drive away headaches.
xoxoxo ME

I love that "It's me, your mother" bit.  And then the inane home remedy of eating "feverfew leaves" (whatever those are) several times a day, between two slices of bread.  Not between one slice of bread folded over, or between two Ritz crackers.  No, between two slices of bread, several times a day.  Get it right, or it won't work, and you'll just have wasted all that bitter leaf eating effort.