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Terrorist "Dry Runs" on U.S. Commercial Flights

May 30, 2007 10:45 AM

From Ann Jacobsen's blog, Aviation Nation:

The Department of Homeland Security has declassified the Inspector General's report on Northwest Flight 327 — a flight which I was a passenger on back in June of 2004. It took the US government two years and eleven months to confirm what I have been writing since the flight landed — in my 28-part series for and in Terror in The Skies, Why 9/11 Could Happen Again (Spence 2005) i.e:

  • The flight was a dry run for a future terrorist attack involving planes.   
  • The Federal Air Marshal Service grossly mishandled what happened during the flight.   
  • The Syrians terrified flight crew and passengers.   
  • The Federal Air Marshal Service grossly mismanaged what happened after the flight landed in Los Angeles.
  • The Federal Air Marshal Service attempted to cover up their egregious incompetence by issuing false statements and misleading the public about the severity of what happened on the flight....

Ironic note: DHS now refers to the group as a "band" (in quotes) because the Syrians were not a band — that was their cover. The declassified DHS report also confirms what I reported last month: that the Syrians from Flight 327 were involved in an earlier dry run — on January 28, 2004. The FBI had flagged this dry run into their incident base six months before Northwest 327 took flight. 

I wrote about Flight 327 back in August, and was immediately accused of perpetuating an urban legend, and inadequate sourcing.  Of course, it turns out I was right all along.  This is no where near the abuse that has been heaped on Ann Jacobsen though, for pursuing this story.

You can read Ann's first-hand account of what happened during Flight 327, here.  It is pretty chilling.

HT: Malkin


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