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"They're probably having to go out and rent theirs this afternoon."

May 8, 2007 12:32 AM says Laura Bush, talking about American males needing to rent white tie and tails for the State Dinner for QEII.  Surely she's just joking?  If you were invited to a State Dinner, wouldn't you shell out for clothes you actually own?  Chances are you can afford it, if you're invited to a State Dinner for the Queen of England.  Hell, even I own my own white tie and tails.  Granted, this is because I never returned some I rented a few years ago, so technically, they are stolen white tie and tails.  But at least that's better than rented. 

I also have a quibble with the Queen's English.  In her remarks, she said "A state visit . . . is the time to look forward, jointly renewing our commitment to a more prosperous, safer and freer world.”

Freer?  I think it should be "more free."  I am sure she pronounced it "free-er," (with not a lot of "r"), and I am sure that is technically correct.  She should know, and I am sure these things are vetted.  But in print, it reads like poor grammar, and she should be cognizant of that.  What would have been wrong with "jointly renewing our commitment to a more prosperous, more safe, and more free world"?  Or, even better "jointly renewing our commitment to prosperity, safety and freedom"?

Anything to avoid "freer."  We have nothing to freer but freer itself, is what I say.


Maybe 'freer' is an Anglicism. It certainly sounds right to my ears, though I can imagine how a hick saying it would not.

As for playing dress up, I think my guy is the first one I ever dated who not only owns his own tux, but owned a second tux he had forgotten about completely.

Jackie Danicki   ·  May 8, 2007 02:23 PM


"My guy?" That's Motown in the 60's and a bit possessive don't you think?

Butters   ·  May 9, 2007 06:59 AM