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Where in the world is NBS?

May 25, 2007 08:23 AM

I'm off to Michigan for the weekend, where I'll be helping the 'rents open up the cottage, leaf blow, paint, etc.  The status report from Mom NBS:

Huge white caps yesterday, hit 89 degrees, sunny, gorgeous.  Dad worked on the raft for the wee ones. Today is flag pole-improvement-repair-day at the head of the bay.
It's a 500 mile drive, and we'll see how bad the traffic is, or if the gas prices are keeping everyone home.  Last year at this time I-75 was jam-packed with boat trailers, trucks, and SUVs towing every kind of gas powered recreational device imaginable.

Photo (shamefully pilfered from my friend Rob's Flickr album) is actually of last year's July 4 festivities, but you get the idea.