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Wherein my paralegal chimes in on the people and attorneys of Pittsburgh

May 23, 2007 10:44 AM

I'll not only EXCUSE your language, but I will agree!!!  [ed. I had called opposing counsel a "total ass," after he bizarrely accused my paralegal of screwing up some documents that he had screwed up himself.]  What is up with these people!!!  I will be happy when this case is over, for a great number of other reasons, but also so that we'll be rid of at least these people.  Presumably there will be some just like them to replace them in another case.  It's no wonder people in Cincinnati HATE people from Pittsburgh!!!  What a foul lot!!!  I think I shall request an audience with Mr. Lewis and ENCOURAGE him to do WHATEVER is necessary to soundly defeat the Steelers in both games this year.  I used to not believe that the Carson Palmer injury was intentional, but after this experience with people from the Steel City, I am not so sure.

She's not from here, but she's learning.


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