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Liveblogging Voinovich on Hannity

June 27, 2007 02:30 PM

[Scroll down, there are numerous updates]

Sean's back after the bottom of the hour break.  "Joining us now from the Great State of Ohio, Senator George Voinovich." 

Phone went dead, Voinovich sounds he doesn't know where he is.  Sean asks if he wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.  Voinovich says he's for it, but doesn't even know what it is.  How embarrassing.  Does he follow the news at all? 

Hannity asks if he'll vote for cloture tomorrow, Voino hems, haws, and gasps, then says he owes the American people a vote for or against it.  He's trying not to say what he'll do.

Voiny then says they have important amendments to consider.  They talk about Senator Hutchinson's amendment, which he says is very important.  He voted for it, but then, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IF IT PASSED TODAY.  He voted for it, but he can't even remember if he voted with the majority.  He sounds massively confused.

He'll take all the amendments into consideration as they move on.  Yeah right.

Voinovich then says the reason we are in this mess is because we approved money for border security and didn't spend it (Hun?  Yeah right they didn't spend it!).  Again, he says he is going to weigh all of this, and not tell us today if he is for it or against it.

The Senator then says he has been threatened by people calling his office, telling him this is the end of his political career.  "YOU DO NOT INTIMIDATE GEORGE VOINOVICH" he yells.  It is the fault of talk radio, he says.  But then he says if you don't like how he votes, you should take it into consideration the next time he's up for re-election.  Sure will, Senator!

Then it gets a little crazy.  Voinovich tries to scream down Sean, and won't let the host talk.  Says current law stinks.  Hannity says: "No one is enforcing the current law!"

Hannity: "You can't even tell me you've read this bill."  Voinovich says he has read "most of the summaries on it."

Voinovich: "The border today is more secure today than it was three years ago."

Hannity: "These borders aren't anywhere near secure.  I've been there, I've seen them.  This bill has had no hearings, no analysis.  400,000 guest workers every year, eligible for permanent status.  Penalty is meager for those who won't respect our laws. Security measures are reduced from last year."  Hannity is talking facts and specifics.

Oh no!  Sean made the Senator very, very angry.  The Senator: "It's not worthy to talk to you.  I'm disappointed in you, I had more respect for you." 

Hannity: "Senator you had a chance.  I'll leave you for the whole hour.  Have you done a cost analysis on this?"

But clearly, the Senator doesn't know how much it will cost.  They talk past each other.

Voinovich says if they stay here, get a job, then they'll be able to get the social security.  What?  Where did that come from? 

The Senator: "If you count the number of minutes you've had, you got to talk more than I did."

Voinovich sounds like a three year old.  They argue more.

[I have to stop listening for a minute, because I am too angry.] 

Hannity: "Congress is rushing this through."  He still wants to know if they have done a cost analysis and what it will do to Medicare, social security, etc.  "What will it cost the American taxpayer?"

Voinovich does not know, says he is getting off the phone.

Hannity: "You're running away because you can't answer a question!"

Voinovich: "I'll be back when you can be rational."  He hangs up the phone.

All in all, an appalling spectacle.  The Senator acted like a spoiled, petulant child. 

UPDATE:  Hannity is going to re-run the entire interview during the last half hour of his show today.  That's 5:30 on 55KRC, if you're interested and local. 

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Wow.  In The Corner on National Review Online, Katherine Lopez posts a scathing review: "At least he didn't cry."  This is, of course, a reference to the time Senator Voinovich CRIED on the Senate floor over John Bolton's appointment as U.N. Ambassador.

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Thanks to Bizzyblog and Weapons of Mass Destruction for their help with some of the links.